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WordPress now powers more than a 3rd of internet sites, making it the highest website builder within the world.

If your website is on WordPress, we’ve some fantastic news. Not only is it easy to use and supremely popular, but it’s also considered to be the simplest content management system for SEO.

If you truly want to leverage the facility of WordPress for your site, you would like to stay up with the newest tricks and tips for this top-notch CMS. If you don’t, your website might fall behind in terms of rankings, user-friendliness, and trustability.

If you would like to stay your WordPress site running sort of a well-oiled machine, read on. Because we are close to share with you the highest WordPress tips and tricks going into 2020.

One of the attractions of WordPress is its abundance of high-quality free and paid website themes. The plethora of attractive and functional themes are often hard to settle on from. However, there’s one differentiating quality that you simply should think about when vetting potential themes for your WordPress site.

This is SEO-friendliness. When browsing through the WordPress themes, you’ll see that a lot of themes sport an “SEO-friendly” tag.

Make sure that the theme you select has this tag, also because of the following capabilities:

Responsive Design

One of the hallmarks of an SEO-friendly theme is responsiveness (just a flowery way of claiming the location will look great on all devices). this is often a must-have in today’s browsing era. With visitors browsing your site from desktops, smartphones, and tablets, it’s essential that your site’s theme can reformat itself to suit any device.

Bonus tip: Mobile is becoming the most important category of browsing, accounting for quite 50% of website traffic. because of this, it’s an honest idea to run your site through Google’s Mobile‐friendly Test tool to form sure it performs well on mobile devices.


The other crucial theme attribute that influences SEO is how lightweight a topic is. As page loading speed is an impactful ranking factor, your site must load as fast because it possibly can.

One of the keys to a lightning-fast page load speed is to possess a light-weight website theme. If you’re not careful and don’t discriminate for this feature, you would possibly find yourself installing an inherently slow theme. Some themes accompany pre-installed plugins which will hamper page speed significantly.

Check out this text if you’d wish to read more about picking a WordPress theme.

And if you’re wondering how your site is performing with its current theme, cash in of our free website performance test tool.

Another top WordPress tip and trick getting into 2020 is that the creation of unpolluted permalinks.

Permalinks are the permanent links that you simply see once you access a webpage. When creating pages and posts on WordPress, you’ll see a box up the highest section of the editing page. during this box, you’ll input the permalink that you simply want for your new page or post.

When creating these links, it’s important that you simply make them clean and straightforward. A clean, simple permalink is far more user-friendly than an extended, number filled one that’s confusing to seem at.

For example, “https://webwelp/ehocode23985/f57ksss” is far less user-friendly than “https://webhelp/what-are-permalinks”.

Besides being easy on the attentionand straightforward to know, clean permalinks also are more trustable. Strange permalinks, that are long, and random-looking often look suspicious to internet users. A page that features a complicated, strange string of numbers, letters, and symbols as its link, might cause you to wonder if you’re landing on a scam site or a malicious URL.

Another way to extend trustability on your WordPress site is to get an SSL certificate. have you ever browsed a page and seen a little green padlock displayed ahead of the page URL?

If so, this site has an SSL certificate. SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) may be a layer of coding that encrypts the connection between browsers and webpages, thereby protecting the user. If you’ve got an SSL certificate for your site, this may also change your URL from http.yoursite.com to https.yoursite.com.

Having an SSL certificate indicates to users that your site features a secure connection, and this will increase trust and number of pages viewed, and reduce bounce rates.

Besides this, Google has been prioritizing site security for users and has been adapting its algorithm accordingly. Now, Google is favoring sites with an https URL over sites that don’t. Additionally, websites without an SSL certificate can show up with a red wake-up call on Google. This alerts users to the very fact that they’re browsing an unsecured site, and may inspire quick distrust.

Backlinks are an age-old SEO best practice. Despite numerous changes to Google’s algorithm, they continue to be a highly important ranking factor going into 2020.

Backlinks build your page authority. If a well-ranking and authoritative site links to you, this shows Google that your page is useful which it should be showed users.

Building good-quality backlinks take time and dedication. However, through strategies like guest posting, blog commenting, infographics, and email outreachyou’ll successfully accrue high-quality backlinks over time.

At an equivalent time, another top WordPress tip that also holds is to create an indoor link structure. Simply put, this is often the practice of building well placed internal links into your content and site, which leads visitors around your pages.

According to Google, mobile browsers will leave your page if it takes quite three seconds to load. Similar figures are true for users browsing from desktops.

So obviously, it’s essential that you simply optimize your WordPress site for speed. a number of the ways during which you’ll maximize page speed include:

  • Choose a light-weight theme
  • Choose a responsive theme
  • Optimize images for web
  • Reduce redirects
  • Utilize browser caching
  • Improve server reaction time

To learn more, you’ll inspect this post about website speed.

Now You Know the Best WordPress Tips and Tricks for 2020

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