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What’s the secret formula?

If you’re considering a career in tech and need to avoid the burnout disease sweeping this industry, here are a couple of wellbeing initiatives we implement to eliminate the danger of running on empty.

There is no one-size-fits-all formula to managing an outsized team. it’s different whenever and my team here are great. Managing a tech department is rewarding, fun and keeps me on my toes. to stay a team of this size happy we’ve to believe tons of various factors…

We are constantly analysing how modern and emerging technologies are pushing the boundaries within the digital arena. We keep our finger on the heart beat and confirm we apply new and exciting thought to our customer’s problems also because the tried and tested solutions. We take the firm opinion that you simply need the “right tools for the proper job”.

We kit up our department with shiny new laptops, access to educational resources like ‘Plural Sight’ and adopt new technologies regularly.

We are very fortunate to possess an existing portfolio of exciting work and additionally to the present, we are constantly winning and pitching for brand spanking new work that gives intelligent solutions for a few real headscratchers. for instance, we are developing ‘Chatbot’ technology for a variety of current and new clients. We are using AI to ascertain how we will improve their customer service touchpoints.

Thinking outside the box: It’s a touch cliché but we actually do encourage thinking outside of the box. Creativity is vital to everything we work on so our flat structure ensures that everyone’s opinion counts and no idea is left unexplored.

This is often not a come to work, headphones on the environment, we genuinely care about one another and hang around outside of working hours.

Don’t be reactive, foresight is key.

This isn’t our first rodeo. Between us, we’ve built many sites and throughout it, we’ve seen all the common problems before, we all know what they are, that’s why it’s important to deal with them upfront and not when it goes live.

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About the author : Tom Jaycocks

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