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An Introduction to SEO (And Why It Matters)

Think about it. once you sit right down to find something on the web, there’s one place you turn: an enquiry engine. this suggests if you would like to urge your website noticed, you’ll get to make sure that it appears in searches on Google and similar sites. most significantly, you’ll want your site to seem as close as possible to the highest of the list.

The best thanks to doing that is through SEO, which may be a wide selection of strategies and activities based off what we all know about how search engines determine their rankings. There are many benefits to optimizing your site for search engines, including:

  • A site that ranks highly in program Results Pages (SERPs) has greater visibility and therefore the best chance at increased traffic.
  • A highly-ranked site appears more credible and trustworthy.
  • You’ll present visitors with more useful and relevant information since SEO tends to specialise in producing quality content.

If you’re a complete SEO newbie, don’t hit the push button. By creating a WordPress website, you’ve already taken an enormous step since the platform is well-optimized for search engines. Plus, there are many simple and beginner-friendly ways to offer your WordPress site a push towards the highest of the rankings. Let’s take a glance at those methods now.

Since Google takes speed under consideration when ranking sites, and honest host can help push you to the highest of the SERPs. Your host also affects the quantity of downtime your site experiences and therefore the physical distance between servers and visitors — both of which are ranking factors. Last but not least, since Google gives HTTPS sites a little boost, you’ll want that too. At DreamHost, it’s free with all our plans.

If you haven’t created your website yet, you’ll want to settle on a number that’s reliable and features a reputation for an excellent performance. Even for an existing site, you’ll want to think about switching hosts if your current provider doesn’t meet these criteria.

A smart way to go is with a WordPress-specific hosting plan. Our fully-managed WordPress plans provide impressive speeds and tiny to no downtime.

Your theme is one among the foremost important choices you’ll bring your WordPress site. It determines your site’s appearance and layout, can provide new functionality, and also plays a task in its SEO. for instance, your theme can affect your site’s speed — which (as we’ve already discussed) is significant. The way a topic was developed also matters since clean code gives your site the simplest chance in SERPs.

Therefore, when picking a topic you’ll want to choose one built with SEO in mind. These themes are often mentioned as ‘SEO-friendly’. you’ll also want to seem for a topic that gives features specifically designed to enhance your SEO, like new heading tag options. Fortunately, there are many themes available that fit the bill.

If you’re new to WordPress, you may also no longer but be acquainted with plugins. These are small portions of add-on software program you can install, which add new aspects and performance to your site. There’s a plugin to assist your website do simply about whatever — such as rank greater in search engines. In fact, there are many plugins designed especially to enhance your site’s SEO.

These plugins can furnish small, focused points such as developing a sitemap (we’ll discuss greater about that in a moment). For even higher results, you can additionally decide for a complete website positioning plugin such as Yoast SEO, which will add an entire suite of optimization-focused points to your site.

Permalinks are the everlasting URLs that factor to your site’s character posts, pages, and different content. They’re what humans will use to reference and hyperlink returned to your site, and their look matters. Clear, descriptive hyperlinks that describe their content material are less difficult for search engines to make the experience of and have a tendency to get a rating boost.

WordPress provides a range of automated permalink options. A few are based totally round numbers (such as the Plain and Numeric options), which isn’t perfect considering they bring little beneficial facts to search engines. Instead, you’re nice off with the Post Name shape seeing that it communicates absolutely what the linked content material is about. You can without problems exchange your permalink shape (or create a customized one) via travelling your site’s again cease and navigating to Settings > Permalink.

A sitemap is a listing of all the pages and different content material on your website, commonly equipped into a hierarchy. It gives a rapid way to see how your web site is laid out and what it includes. While these sitemaps had been as soon as designed to assist customers to navigate websites, their foremost cause now is to talk statistics to search engine bots (also acknowledged as crawlers).

While including a sitemap to your internet site doesn’t immediately enhance its search engine rankings, it’s nonetheless a precious search engine optimisation tool. It permits crawlers to see all of the pages on your website online and recognize how they relate to one another. This makes it less complicated for search engines to index your site, and to existing applicable content material in-person searches. Adding a sitemap to WordPress is easy — you can do so with a centred plugin such as Google XML Sitemaps, or thru a complete search engine optimization device such as Yoast SEO.

Chances are you’ve encountered the notion of key phrases before. These are quick phrases that describe your content’s topic. For example, you may select the key-word “easy recipes” for a weblog publish that shares easy recipe picks for beginners. By doing this, you’re predicting that a lot of human beings will kind the phrase into a search engine when searching for this kind of post.

Choosing a key-word for every submits or web page and the usage of it in more than a few locations — such as the title, the headings, and the content material itself — is a frequent way to speak your subject matter to search engine crawlers and expand the probabilities of displaying your content material in applicable searches.

Of course, you desire to be clever about the way you use this tool. For example, it’s fine to keep away from ‘keyword stuffing’, or forcing your key-word into too many locations so that it seems unnatural or spammy.

More human beings than ever are the use of cell units to browse the internet. This ability your web site desires to seem to be and function as desirable on any kind of gadget a tourist occurs to be using. You can make certain this through following the approach of responsive plan — in different words, designing your website online so it reacts and adapts to every user’s device.

The responsive format is so vital that Google makes use of it as a rating factor. If your website is responsive, its possibilities of acting excessively on SERPs will be that ton better. For WordPress users, the satisfactory way to get commenced with a responsive plan is to pick a theme that helps it (which many, if now not most, now do). Just don’t overlook to test out each theme’s different search engine optimization elements as well!

Images are necessary for simply about any website. They grant visible attraction and context, plus they assist ruin up textual content and make it extra readable. As you’ve possibly guessed, they can additionally have an effect on your SEO. For one, the best and measurement of your pictures can have an effect on your pages’ loading speed, which is a ranking factor. Also, crawlers will seem at sure facts attached to photos — such as filenames and ‘alt text’ — when attempting to index and apprehend your site.

Addressing these two problems will go a lengthy way in the direction of shoring up your SEO. First, be certain to optimize your pictures and different media, so they have as little have an effect on on your site’s overall performance as possible. Then, supply every photo a descriptive filename and alt textual content (bonus factors if you use a key-word in one or each place).


SEO encompasses an extensive variety of techniques and techniques, so it can be a little bit intimidating. Fortunately, you don’t want to come to be a website positioning specialist to assist your website rank greater in the SERPs. If you desire to start seeing results, all you want to do is observe a few easy tips.

Of course, selecting WordPress as your platform is the best first step to growing a well-optimized site. Then you’ll want to pick out the right host, choose an appropriate theme, and reflect on consideration on choosing up one or extra centred plugins. By enforcing these techniques (as nicely as the relaxation of the tips on this list), you’ll be properly on your way to enhancing your site’s visibility and traffic.

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